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January 1, 2010, 2:13 pm
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Everybody shouted for happy nu year and i wasn’t really cared about that nite.
I signed out my bee -my lapop-, closed my eyes and started to spoilt my backbone..zzzz.
And now..here it is..today is 1st day in 2010.

Nothing different happened when i opened my eyes on the quite morning, -did people do their subuh today?-, and even my calender has not changed yet..
The first thing i do is online on ym and fb..wkwkwk..saykoji.
Still..everybody wrote good hoping on their status up date..phuf..basi.
for me..i am be happy because today is holiday :-p

i just realized that i wish for the things that i dont need.
what i chased wont set me free
and i get scared but i’m not crawlin on my knees
everything’s all wrong.

I would not be the one to kneel before the dreams i wanted
Well..althougt i’m not sure where i belong but nowhere’s home and no more wrong
luruskan niat..pertebal azzam..bismillah..and have fun on every grateful single day..including luv my backbone..
anyone..please jitak my head if i moaning my days again…tomorrow..

happy nu hijriah 1431

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